Qiuyu Xiao

Ph.D. Student
Department of Computer Science
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Email: qiuyu@cs.unc.edu

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My name is Qiuyu Xiao (Chinese: 肖秋雨). I am a research scientist in Facebook. I got my Ph.D. from UNC-CH CS department in 2019, and was fortunate to be advised by Dr. Michael Reiter. I got my B.S. degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2014.

My previous research projects include:

  • A cloud-based privacy-enhancing service to prevent user’s web activities from being monitored by employers or ISPs ([Pub. 1]).
    • This system guarantees “server anonymity” to the user. ISPs that slow down your traffic to certain websites or collect your web browsing history can be defeated by our system.
  • A theoretical framework to defend against side-channel attack ([Pub. 2]).

I interned at VMware in 2018 (mentored by Dr. Ben Pfaff) and Huawei in 2017 (mentored by Dr. Haibo Chen).


  1. Personalized Pseudonyms for Servers in the Cloud.
    Qiuyu Xiao, Michael Reiter, and Yinqian Zhang.
    In Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, Jul. 2017.
  2. Mitigating Storage Side Channels Using Statistical Privacy Mechanisms.
    Qiuyu Xiao, Michael Reiter, and Yinqian Zhang.
    In ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, Oct. 2015.
  3. POSTER: LocMask: A Location Privacy Protection Framework in Android System.
    Qiuyu Xiao, Jiayi Chen, Le Yu, Huaxin Li, Haojin Zhu, Muyuan Li, and Kui Ren.
    In ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, Nov. 2014.
  4. Detecting GPS Information Leakage in Android Applications.
    Siyuan Ma, Zhushou Tang, Qiuyu Xiao, Jiafa Liu, Tran Triet Duong, Xiaodong Lin, Haojin Zhu.
    In IEEE Global Communications Conference, Dec. 2013.

Open Source Project

I interned at the VMware Open vSwitch team in the summer of 2018. During my internship, I workded on adding tunnel encryption support for Open vSwitch and Open Virtual Network by using IPSec.

The goal is to bring end-to-end encryption for tunneling traffic between hypervisors and also offer an easy-to-use interface for administrators to configure encryption. I gave a talk on this topic in the 2018 Open vSwitch Conference. You can check my talk and slides here.


When I’m not working on computer science, I like to read books, watch movies, travel around, play board games, and hang out with friends.